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All prints are signed 11x14 archival prints shipped with board backing sealed in a plastic carrier.  Shipping will be calculated upon your Paypal checkout.  All items shipped within 1-3 business days.


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AfH Edition 1 6.00 AfH Edition 2 6.00
Both Booklets 10.00
The Fitzgeralds 30.00
Jizo Bodhissatva 30.00
Napoleon Boneaparte 30.00 Elvis Petme 30.00
M.L. Jobs 30.00 King Hundry V 30.00 Marie Antoinippe 30.00 Cleopetra 30.00
Jean Lafeet 30.00 Queen Elhissabeth 30.00 William Pawllace 30.00 Joan of Bark 30.00
Migrowl De Cervantes 30.00
William Shakesbeard 30.00 Anne of Sleeves 30.00
24 • 7 • 365 25.00 Six of Wands 25.00 Last of Summer 25.00 Grape Spider 25.00
Next Season 25.00 Summer 2014 25.00 Diversity in Gardening 25.00 Snowdrops 25.00
Cata Hari 25.00 Mother Earth 25 .00 Merchandise and BIG Prints This link will take you to another store. Buh-Bye
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